Use Google Analytics with WordPress


Information about how to use Google Analytics with WordPress


what is Google Analytics?

Google analytics is a free web analytics service offered by google which tracks and reports the traffic of the site. It is also the most used analytics service on the internet to keep the track of the hosted website, Where website is tracked by google analytics with a small tracking code.

The code is build with javascript. where the account owner generates the code and uploads into the back end of the site.


what is wordpress?

Wordpress is a tool where you can create website online in php. And is also a open source. Wordpress is a simplest and strongest blogging and site content management system which is used commonly today. Wordpress is built with php and mysql database.



To use wordpress site with google analytics first you have to signup with google analytics account and create a unique tracking id.

Once the account is created you will be have the tracing id form which you can configure your site in wordpress.


You can configure with two ways to do it. one is by configuring using wordpress plugins and the other is by Editing the wordpress theme.    


* configure using plugin.


There are number of plugins which you can used to configure google analytics to your wordpress site and they all work in the same way. Only thing you have to do is to mention you tracing id rest of the things plugin will take care.


The most popular google analytics plugins for wordpress are Google analytics for wordpress, Google analytics  and Google analyticator


* configure using Edit Theme


Follow the below steps to enable Google analytics by editing the theme.

1) First login to google analytics account==>click on Admin===>click on Tracking Info there page will appear==>Then click on Tracing code.

Tracking code will appear copy the entire tracing code with all the tags


2) Then login to your wordpress site admin panel


3) In Dashboard from right side click on appearance==>Editor==>Here Edit Theme page will appear.


4) Go to Templates, under that click header.php


5) Then find the ending </head> tag. Just about that tag paste the tracking id code which you got from google analytics.    


6) Final step is to click on update file. Once  it's done google analytics will be enabled for all your web pages on your wordpress website.

You need to have a Linux web hosting for WordPress to work properly , Otherwise, you can go with Optimised WordPress Hosting.