The Jetpack plugin is used on the WordPress site for the purpose that it monitors the server and gives the report to the client about what time and how many times the server was down. When the jetpack server sends too many hits to the server where a plugin is installed. The jetpack server IP gets blocked by the Firewall. This issue is faced in shared server most of the times.

The JetPack Plugin has its own way of connecting to the server making too many connections on our servers.

We have our own security firewalls on servers which does not allow JetPack plugins since that might give you false alert reports on our servers.

In shared Hosting Company server, We have more than 1000 websites hosted on the same server. Among 1000 websites, at least 50 sites may use JetPack Plugin .

Assume, each 50 websites are connected to JetPack Plugin often , then there will be 100s of connection per minute to the JetPack Plugin server. So, It could be blocked in our shared hosting firewall due to too many connections.

We suggest NOT to use any monitoring tool for your website as we are actively monitoring server up time.

We have many tools using which we monitor our server health, We ensure you that, you dont need to monitor your website separately.

If you think, Still you need to monitor your website. Please migrate to VPS hosting.