How to install WordPress on cPanel


How to install WordPress on cPanel by using one-click installer 'Softaculous'?

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free web publishing software you can use to create your own website or blog. Since it was released in 2003, WordPress has become one of the most popular web publishing platforms. Today it powers more than 70 million websites! Best of all, it’s completely FREE. HostingRaja provides free WordPress setup and Installation as part of WordPress Web Hosting.


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How do install WordPress manually?

Step 1: Download the desired Wordpress Version from official Wordpress website.

You will get all the version from the Official website.

Step 2:  You can upload the WordPress files into your hosting account, either by FileManager which comes with cPanle or use FTP to upload your files.

Method 1:  Upload the file in your Cpanel File Manager. 

Login to Your Cpanel Account ===> File Manager


YouTube Video Tutorial

How to install wordpress manually one


Open the File manager and upload the file from your Local Computer.

If you are going to install the wordpress For the Primary Domain Name then you need to Upload your File In the default directory “public_html”

How to install wordpress manually two


Click on the Upload,

How to install wordpress manually three


One you upload the you need Extract the File in the File Manager.


Method 2:  Upload the file in your File manager Using FTP.

You can connect your Hosting account Directory  using the FTP.

Sample FTP Details


Host: (You can refer the server details, in your welcome email)

User: MyUserName

Pass: MyPass

Port: 21 By default the Port number will be 21, Some case if you are using SFTP the port will be 22.


You can use the Filezilla tool to connect your hosting account using the FTP, you can refer the Below screen

How to install wordpress manually four 

Now the file is Uploaded into the File manager.

Step 3:   Extract the Wordpress Zip file from File Manager


How to install wordpress manually five


How to install wordpress manually six

Once you click in the Extract File it will be extracted as below.

How to install wordpress manually seven

Now we have Extracted the File Successfully, But if you check the Screen the File will extracted in public_html/wordpress. So You have to access the website by

To Remove the Wordpress after the domain name you need to follow the STEP 4 


Step 4:  Move the Files From Wordpress Directory to Public_html which is parent Directory.

You need to Select all the Files from the public_html/wordpress and click on Move 

How to install wordpress manually eight


Now Remove the Wordpress Word from the Path and click on move files, So that the Wordpress Files will move to the Parent Directory “Public_html”

How to install wordpress manually nine

Now we have Successfully moved the File to the Parent Directory.

Step 5: Creating Database and its User. 

To Install the Wordpress Website You need a Database So now we will Create the Database and Database User.

Login to the Cpanel ===> Mysql Databases

How to install wordpress manually ten

You can enter the Databases name as you wish you can give any any or project name.


You can refer the below screen.

How to install wordpress manually eleven


Once creating a Database now you need to create Database User.

How to install wordpress manually twelve

How to install wordpress manually thirteen

Now the Database and its User is created, the next thing to connect Database with its username,

You can refer the below screen and add the database

How to install wordpress manually fourteen

We are adding the database and its username for assigning the Privileges to DB.

How to install wordpress manually fifteen

Now we have done with creating the Database and its username and assigned Necessary privileges  for the DB.


Step 6: The last step is to configure this wp-config file in File manager.

Open the File manager ===> Edit the Wp-config.php file.

You may not find the file wp-config.php so you need to Rename the file wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php as shown in the below screen.

How to install wordpress manually sixteen


Rename the File to wp-config.php


How to install wordpress manually seventeen


After Renaming it, you need to edit the file wp-config.php


How to install wordpress manually eighteen


Click on Edit

How to install wordpress manually nineteen


Now you need to do the Changes in your wp-config file.

How to install wordpress manually twenty


You can replace the Values with your Database details and click on save.


How to install wordpress manually twenty one


Now the Setup is done, you can access the domain name you will see the below screen.

Step 7: Install the Wordpress in Domain name

URL: http://domainname/wp-admin/install.php

How to install wordpress manually twenty two


Click on continue and follow the next steps

Enter all the details and click on the install the wordpress will be installed.

How to install wordpress manually twenty three


The wordpress is successfully installed .

How to install wordpress manually twenty four

Why WordPress?

  • WordPress is Free and Open Source

  • WordPress is most popular CMS (Content Management System)

  • WordPress is easy to use

  • WordPress is incredibly extensible with Plugins

  • Highly customizable for great flexibility

  • Design any website with WordPress CMS

  • WordPress is flexible with Multimedia


How to Uninstall existing WordPress Website:

If you want to uninstall your existing WordPress website which is already installed, you can uninstall it using below steps.

Step 1: The installed WordPress apps will shown like below image.

Step 2: Click the delete icon.

Step 3: Then your app will be uninstalled.



How to install WordPress on cPanel?


1. Login into your cPanel.

2. On the Software Section Select Softaculous App Installer.



3. Click on the WordPress icon, this will open the several options like features, overview and steps to install WordPress.




4. The brief overview, features are given about the WordPress.  Click on Install to get the details of WordPress installation.




5. Complete the WordPress setup information. The below necessary required information you need to be filled.



Choose Protocol: If your website has installed SSL certificate, then choose 'HTTPS', if not choose 'HTTP' protocol.


Choose Domain: If your hosting panel has multiple domains, then choose the name of the domain which you would like to install WordPress.


In Directory: Leave a blank column, so that WordPress will be installed directly on your domain.

If you're installing sub-folder like 'wp', then your website will not load directly. This will make your website load with folder name like ""


Admin Username: Enter a Username of your WordPress Dashboard.


Admin Password: Enter a Password of your WordPress Dashboard login.


Admin Email: Enter a valid email address.


6. Once the all the information filled, click on install button to install WordPress. The WordPress installation may take 1-2 min of time. Please be patient until WordPress installation completes.


7. Once the WordPress installed, it will show WordPress admin login credentials with dashboard URL.




8. Visit your website on the browser. Your website will show the WordPress default page.

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