Setting up DKIM and SPF Records in Windows Plesk


The SPF and the DKIM are the two technical kinds of stuff related to the email configurations. The terms are used to authenticate you as a genuine user and you are authenticated to exchange the emails. The SPF and DKIM records are derived from the domain name and are needed to be updated on Windows server. If the SPF and DKIM verification are failed then there can not be a possible email communication from the particular domain. The steps are given to update the same on the server. Follow them in order to update them successfully.


This article applies to your hostingraja Server Running Plesk

SPF Record

The purpose of an SPF record is to prevent spammers from sending messages with forged From addresses at your domain. Recipients can refer to the SPF record to determine whether a message purporting to be from your domain comes from an authorized mail server.

An SPF record allows you to specify IP addresses that are legitimately allowed to send email for your domain name. The purpose of this to stop spammers trying to use your domain name.

You can generate an SPF record for your site at

If you are using an external registrar you will need to ask your domain provider to add the SPF record.

Or, if you are using your server as a DNS server then apply your SPF record using your Plesk Control panel:


Login to your Parallels Plesk Panel.



Click on the Domains link on the left side panel.


Click on the Open in Control Panel link for the relevant domain name.


Click on the Website & Domains tab.


Click on the DNS settings link.


Click on the Add Record icon.


Select TXT From the drop down list.


Leave the Domain name field blank and enter the generated SPF record in the TXT record field.

Press the OK button to add the record.


To apply the SPF record to the DNS zone press the Update button.