How to change the Wordpress admin username & Why ?

When you install Wordpress by default in any web hosting, Wordpress creates a new user "admin" to administrate your website. This is also a major security hole in the wordpress, It is like When you know what kind of key is there for your door, then it becomes easy to make a duplicate key & try it with multiple options.
So, It is better to change the admin name of your wordpress website and make it hard for a hacker to steal your admin access.
Use this simple video & change your admin user name and password in few minutes.
Needless to day, keeping your WordPress installation secure is on the most important things you can do for your blog.
Unfortunately, there are still many bloggers out there who ignore one of the simplest changes they can make to ensure their blog is secure – which also happens to be one of the most exploited vulnerabilities in WordPress.
That is to change their admin username from the default ‘admin’.

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