Benefits of Linux Plan?

In Linux Plans the provider company uses Linux Operating system to provide you the web hosting services. Linux is one of the most widely used operating systems in web hosting. All type of hosting's services like shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server Hosting, Cloud Server Hosting etc are divided into either Linux or Windows depending on which platform they are provided.

Linux Plans is much broader and refers to a hosting service based on the Linux kernel. You could consider all the hosting forms like Linux shared hosting, Linux Virtual server, Linux reseller hosting or Linux VPS hosting in India. In all these types of hosting, we use our Linux operating system and offers the requisite tools to our clients. Linux is open source and freely available and so does not carry any license fee. It is more affordable than the Windows servers.


Why Linux hosting is better than Windows shared hosting ?

1. Generally Linux hosting comes with lessor price than Windows hosting. As a service provider, We need to pay the license fee for Microsoft for using Windows server, This extra cost is passed on to the customer. That's why generally windows servers comes with extra cost.

2. Linux hosting comes with bundle of free stuff, Which is not easily or freely available with Windows platform.

3. Tons of options when it comes to software or opensource CMS on Linux platform. All the opensource CMS starts with Linux platform and then later, they port it to Windows platform.

4. Generally Linux platform is considered developer and system admin friendly due to flexible admin scripts and tons of opensource tools available.

5. As per our records or data from the HostingRaja's customer, We get more than 80% of sales happening on the Linux platform and around 20% of the customers prefer Windows platform

6. Quick backup and restoration is available with Linux, Whereas the backup and restore activity is very time consuming in Windows, particularly in shared hosting environment.

Apps that run better on Linux:
  1. WordPress blogging system
  2. Magento shopping cart
  3. Joomla website building software

Some of the Cpanel features of a Linux Plans are:
  1. File Manager
  2. Dns Management
  3. SSL/Tls
  4. Password Protected Directories
  5. Unlimited Ftp Access
  6. Admin Control Panel
  7. User Control Panel
  8. Website Statistics
  9. Access Logs
  10. Backup Logs
  11. Website Builder
  12. Fantastico Autoinstaller
  13. Getting Started Wizard
  14. Video Tutorials
  15. Multi Language Support
  16. Hotlink Protection
  17. IP Deny
  18. Redirect URL
  19. Password Protected Directories
  20. Web Based File
  21. phpMyAdmin