How to increase max_size in php.ini file in windows shared hosting server

Php.ini is an important file in the server that stores the default values which PHP obeys while it runs. It includes the parameters like maximum upload size, execution time other relative stuff. When you need to change these values as per your requirement then you will have to configure it in the PHP.ini. When you are using a Windows shared hosting how it can be achieved is as shown in the steps below.

what is php.ini

The php.ini file is the configuration file for running the PHP based files. Every server will be having a default php.ini file to run the PHP.

what is the use  php.ini

Every server has php.ini file which have default values to run the PHP, It is used to increase the variables like Max_upload size, Pos_max_size, Max_execution_time, etc.

How to increase max_size in php.ini

Step 1: You need to create php file in the name of phpinfo.php and upload the below code in the file and save.

So you can access the file as domainname/phpinfo.php, you will get the below output.

This will be the default path to change the values of default php.ini file

C:\Program Files (x86)\Parallels\Plesk\Additional\PleskPHP54\php.ini

Some of the Hosting providers will be disabled the above path, So you can use the plesk panel to increase the values.

To increase the values of the variables you have an option in the plesk panel as well.

Steps: To increase through plesk panel

Website and domains>>php Setting>> edit the values>>save it.

2.Click on php settings.

After changing the values you can save it.