How to test loading time of the website ?

There is a very popular misunderstanding of checking the loading time of the website. Many use pingdom tools or other online tools to test the loading time of the website. These tools are very good tools to check the loading time of the website, but ONLY problem with this kind of tools are, they are located in other countries such as USA, canada or Europe.
When you test your website which is hosted in Indian Data center with this tools, you will find more loading time due to network latency (time taken for your data to transfer between Indian DC to this tools).
So, you should select the tools which are located in the same geographical regions to testing purpose. Suppose if your website is located in Indian data centre, then you have to use the website/tools which is from India. (this way, you will get more accurate speed and results)
The most accurate way to test your website is using the page load time plugin,
Important: When you test using this tools, you should have enough bandwidth to measure your site loading speed. Assume, If you have 1 mbps speed in your computer, then the server can send data to you only maximum 1 mbps speed. So, you should have at least 3 to 5 mbps speed to test it correctly.
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