How to Perform a Traceroute for my domain.

Traceroute is a tool used to determine the specific route taken by packets across a network. A traceroute can be performed using the following steps:

Step 1
Click “Start menu -> Run…

[Image: kb-global-start-run.gif]

Step 2
In the “Run” box, type “CMD

[Image: kb-runcmd.jpg]
Step 3
In the command prompt, type “tracert -d” or “tracert -d ipaddress

[Image: kb-tracert.jpg]
Step 4
If you wish to copy the information out of the command prompt to paste into an email, or other text formats, follow these steps: Right click in the command prompt and select “Select All

[Image: kb-tracerghtclick.jpg]

Step 5
When the background turns white, right click once more to copy all the information.

[Image: kb-tracertwht.jpg]

This information can now be pasted into an email, notepad, word, etc.
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