How to manage kubernetes project?

We have come up with easy to use kubernetes platform. As a developer or software engineer, You don't need to learn anything about kubernetes platform or technology, All you need to know is, how to upload the files.
Just upload the source code and configure the database, Your kubernetes platform is ready to scale.



1) Register with by entering your email id, password, and other details.

2) Once you registered you will get successful mail to your email id which is entered by you like below.


3)  Then the page asks you to press sign-in button. Once you clicked on the button you will get autologin and the dashboard will display look like below screenshot.



Create your project:

1) Click “CREATE PROJECT” arrowed in the above image to create your new kubernetes project for your website.

  • Once you clicked please select your application for your website.
  • After selected your application click “NEXT” to go for the next layout.


  • In the next layout choose number of replicas for your website. The replicas count based on your web.


    • After choosing your replicas to click “Deploy” to complete your creation process.
    • Then you will be redirected to invoice page to make the payment of Rs. 1 for three months free trial.
    • Once you make the payment, the project creation process will start like the below image.


  • Note: Project Creation and setting up clusters will take more than 10 minutes. You have to wait unless the creation process complete...



  • Once the project successfully created you will get your project login details in an email. And also you can get the IP address, username, password by clicking the project name and the page will look like below.



How to Upload Files using FTP:

1) Click your project for which you are going to upload the source code, you will get the FTP username and password.


2) Login in your Filezilla with your IP address, username and password and you can upload your source code in your webspace.


File Upload using Github URL:


1) Enter your GitHub URL for your project in the details layout in the above and click the upload button to upload your Github source code for your project.


2) After initializing the upload login with your FTP details using SSH and do the needful to run your website in the project.


PhpMyadmin Details:

 1) To get phpMyadmin / Database credentials, please click Services in the left side menu. 

Note: You can get PHPMyAdmin details with {apache+php+mysql}, {Nginx+php+mysql} & {wordpress+Nginx} projects only.

2) In that layout, you can get the URL for PHPMyAdmin with service name PHPMyAdmin. which is pointed in the below image.

3) Use the IP address to login PHPMyAdmin, open it in the browser / click on the IP address. Once you are done click workloads in the left side menu.

4) In the layout click anyone percona-galera to get the password.

5) In the next layout, you will get the password for PHPMyAdmin. Use root as a username and the password to log in.


Domain Mapping:


1) Map your domain with the project and run your website using your kubernetes project. Click services in the left side menu to see your service which is running the project.


2) In the next layout click here to map your domain like below image.


3) Then enter your domain and click the map button. Then your domain will map to your project, after that, you can see your website.



Domain Map modify/delete

Once your domain mapped you can modify/delete your domain for the project using below.

  • Click Projects
  • Click Domain Mapped List


  • After the list of domains will display in the layout you modify/delete your domain from this page.



Domain Enable SSL

Click the Enabled Option to Install SSL for Domain.





1) Your billing will create based on your pod's creation. Once the pod is created billing calculation will start for particular pod unless it ends.


2) The billing will charge in an hourly base. Now we are charging Rs.2/hour.


3) Click the project name to check your entire pod details of billing.