How to lock and unlock the domain.

The Procedure to lock and unlock a domain is.

  1. Login into your domain control panel.
  2. Click on the option “MyDomains”.

  1. Click on the "Edit" to access the domain.

  1. In Registrar Lock - Click the check box to Enable and Disable the Domain Lock. As you see in the below image.
  2. Click on save changes.

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What is domain locking or domain transfer locking ?

Generally, When you want to move the domain from one service provider to another service provider, You need to provide the EPP code to transfer the domain and then domain is transferred. But, sometime, people can hack your Email ID and can transfer the domain without your knowledge, This can result in a total failure of your business. To avoid stealing the domain, domain locking idea came into picture. Once the domain is locked it can not be transferred or moved from one registrar  to another.

It is very much suggested or recommended from HostingRaja, to keep your domain in locked status.

Why is it important to keep the domain in locked state ?

You can prevent misuse or hijacking [] or hacking of your domain name, someone can convince your service provider to change your Email ID, phone number or contact details. Once you keep it in a locked state, then it is a extra protection for your domain.

If you want to read more in depth, Visit the Verisign website.

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