Is your IP is blocked by firewall.? Not to worry. This action has been taken by firewall as a preventive steps to enhance the factors of security. The Ip is blocked for temporary period and it will be unblocked with the help of support team. There could be number of reasons why IP is blocked. The reasons could be like entering the wrong credentials in the control panel. Sending lots of spam mails from the mail source and many more. Contact our support team if you need more info regarding this.


Your IP Address is blocked on our server ?
Sometimes for security reasons your IP address may be blocked in HostingRaja firewall. The reasons may be
  • You are trying with wrong username and password for cPanel. You are trying many attempts with wrong username and password
  • You have configured an Email Client, Which is sending too many requests for login with wrong username and password
  • Too many requests are coming, Which are abnormal in number of requests.
Do not worry, Your website is blocked only to your IP address and your website functions normal for all the visitors or your clients.
We have made un-blocking your IP address easy & instant.