Upgrading To a Better Host Plan 

A complete guide to upgrading your hosting plan. 

You can apply this information for all the hosting company, not only HostingRaja.

When do upgrade your hosting plan ?
If you plan to upgrade your hosting plan, then most likely you might have received a notice or information from your hosting company to upgrade your hosting plan due to more resource usage. If your website is using more resources such as RAM or CPU or hard disk or bandwidth, It is very likely that your web hosting company might ask you to upgrade your hosting plan.

Otherwise, you might see a slow response from your server or your business might have improved than what was previous year. If you plan to upgrade your hosting business for any future expanstion, then you can conside upgrading your hosting plan.

Why do we have to upgrade your hosting plan ?
You can upgrade your hosting plan for better response time or to server more number of customers. 

What is the best hosting plan for me to upgrade ?
If you are in a low shared hosting plan, then you can upgrde to higher hosting plans such as premium hosting or ulimited hosting plan. The higher hosting plans comes with better resource and more resources. For example, If you are running a Ecommerce store from Gold or Starter plan, then your website may be loading slow. You can upgrade to VPS or premium hosting plan.

Can I upgrade my hosting plan without downtime ?
Yes, This is a very critical factor when it comes to upgrade or migrating your website without down time. We at HostingRaja, can migrate your website without any downtime. Assume, you want to upgrade from shared hosting to Dedicated server, then we will migrate your website for FREE of cost and without any downtime.

Shared Hosting Plans to conside for upgrade

VPS Hosting Plans to Upgrade