How to secure my website ? How to avoid my website being hacked ?

The very easiest way to secure your website is just simply by having a tough password at least with 8 characters for your website admin. It may be Joomla, or Wordpress or Drupal website or custom built PHP website, Whatever it may be the PHP framework, Just ensure to have a tough password for admin section. 
From HostingRaja, We have done all the possible steps needed to secure your website. But if you are having a weak password, then NOTHING can prevent from hacking your website. Having STRONG password is very very important thing to secure your website. 
Very often we have encountered the hacked websites are having weak password. You might think that, "my password is very tough and no one can guess my password", Thats very wrong. 
Example of good passwords, (Always store these passwords in Notepad or mobile phone or in Email)

Generate your password is as tough as this one. 
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